Paranormal Romance Author

Annie Nicholas

Writing Romance with Bite

Angler Date Night

Things changed. I missed sleepless, sweaty nights trapped between my then-boyfriends and now-husbands. In recent years, my sleepless nights were due to fever checks, glasses of water, and battling the boogie man. I’d been many things in my life—granddaughter, wife, vampire bait, blood slave. Being a mother topped them all.

Tonight would be different. I placed my lipstick in my clutch and snapped it closed with a satisfying click. Tane, my vampire counterpart, wanted to wine and dine Rurik and me on his private yacht. He’d even hired a local popular chef and musicians. My heart fluttered in anticipation. Yes, I had two husbands—one a human blood slave like me and the other our vampire king.

Date night. It had only taken us ten years to get our act together for one.

Maggie, our daughter, sat on the edge of the bathtub, watching me do my hair and make-up. “Why do make yourself look different when Dad Tane visits?”

I paused in applying my mascara. God knew how old it was but it didn’t clump on my eyelashes so yay! “I want to look pretty for him.” I wanted to knock his socks off and remind him that he was my vampire just as much as I was his blood slave. No bond was stronger. If he died so would I. Our lives were entwined. So it was for Tane and Rurik as well. Luckily our vampire husband held enough power to keep us both young and strong. ‘Til death do us part. Literally.

“You don’t put on makeup for Dad Rurik.” My ten-year-old daughter was learning to push my buttons and she loved to poke at them. Too much. Rurik was her biological father and lived with us full time. She viewed him…differently than her part-time father. She seemed almost protective.

I gave her a secretive smile. I could be covered in ocean muck and Rurik would still be trying to take off my clothes if we had a moment alone. I knew this from experience. “Your father gets to see us all the time. And who says I’m not getting pretty for him as well, Miss Smartypants?” Our relationship was rock solid. Tane on the other hand…

As vampire king, he had access to anything he desired. My smile faded and I put my mascara away. I’d been exiled from his court for a mistake I’d made. On top of it, everyone thought Rurik was dead. The three of us couldn’t be seen together. Not yet. My chest felt hollow. Maybe never. It wasn’t fair to Tane to expect him to remain monogamous. Mask his emotions however he liked with his vampire superpowers, I could sense his loneliness whenever our gazes locked.

“Mom?” Maggie’s voice quivered. “It’s okay that you want to look pretty. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

My focus went from internal to the reflection in the mirror. A tear had spilled down my cheek and I wiped it clean. I held out my hand and Maggie grasped it. “I expect you to give Kam a hard time. He’s way underworked and should earn his keep.” Kam was our werewolf bodyguard. He didn’t live here permanently. The pack traded the guards off every few weeks. Tane wanted us to have a vampire guard as well, but they were limited to night activities. It didn’t fit our new life.

She sighed as if put out. “Fine. He’ll force me to play video games.”

I rested my arm on her thin shoulders. “Think of it as a challenge.”

“He let’s me win.”

How dare he. I restrained a laugh. “Then beat him at his own game.” I wish Maggie came with a pause button. She grew up too fast.

She gave me the side-eye. “If I could, I would.”

“There’s always a way to win. Most of the time it’s not obvious how.” I gave her shoulders a squeeze. “Think about it.” I wished my daughter could live a normal life with no supernatural creatures lurking in the dark, but nothing in our family fell under the normal umbrella. We lived out of the way, on a small island off of Greece, so most big bad vampires wouldn’t bother us. The travel didn’t deter some so our werewolf security were kept on their toes. So far Maggie still remained unaware of how precarious our life was to the edge of chaos and everyone was determined to keep it that way.

Unlike most children, she knew of the existence of vampires but only what was necessary so we could include Tane in her upbringing.

We paused at entrance of the family room where Kam connected his Xbox to the television.

Maggie sighed.

“Werewolves are easily distracted by food.” I whispered in her ear and steered her to the kitchen.

Kam glanced at me from the wires. “We also have excellent hearing. You look good enough to eat.” He grinned, exposing his wolfish canines.

I smoothed my midnight blue silk dress over my hips. “You think?” I had enough time to change one more time. Maybe something in red?

“If I said hot both of your husbands would be tracking my movements over the next month.” He straightened and knuckled his lower back. “They’re on the beach.”

“Oh!” I rushed outside, my heels clicking on the tiled floor, and ignored Kam’s deep chuckle. Nothing wrong with being eager to be alone with my honeys. I stepped out onto patio and stopped in my tracks.

They hung out by the edge of the water, standing close, face-to-face. Rurik in casual khakis and a crisp white shirt that contrasted with his dark tan. His black hair had grown longer and rested on his collar in sexy curls. Tane filled his tailored chocolate brown suit, but no amount of civilized clothing could hide the raw power of his body.

My breath caught in my throat. They were so beautiful. Need ached in my chest. It never ceased to amaze me that they had chosen to be with me, of all people. Orphaned, poor, temper, and all. Damaged goods, as my grandma would say.

Their lips met and time paused. Tane slipped his hand behind Rurik’s head, holding from as their mouths explored each other with a hunger so fierce it weakened my knees. I reached for a chair and missed. I stumbled and caught the edge of the table before lowering myself onto the chair’s cushion. Maybe I had time for a cold shower because I was ready for us to strip before we even left the property.

Rurik slid his palm over the front of Tane’s pants, stroking slowly.

I crossed my legs, trying to ease my own urgent desires, and kicked the table leg. The metal clanged like a warped bell.

Both men jumped apart breathless.

Damn. I folded my hands on my lap to hide my trembling. Sitting through dinner after watching this would be torture. “Please, don’t let me stop you. Pretend I’m not here.” I winked. Public affection was rare between them. They’d both suffered from it in the past. Rurik had almost died because of his relationship with Tane. Twice, if I recalled properly. The world still thought he was dead and that I blamed Tane for his death. We were supposed to be estranged except for Maggie, the daughter Tane adopted and doted on.

Most people would wonder why we didn’t hide her from the vampire court. Those people obviously had never dealt with them. The secret would be found out and exploited. By claiming Maggie, Tane took control of the situation and she had his full open protection. It also meant he could be part of her life.

The vampire kind strolled from the beach, hands in pockets, with a chagrinned look on his face. “You never expressed a voyeur’s interest before.”

“Oh honey, I’m much more of a hands-on kind of girl, but I wouldn’t mind a show with dinner.”

Rurik dangled his boat key from his finger. “What are we waiting for?” We had to take our motor boat to the anchored yacht. He strode around the table, trailing his fingers over my shoulders and back. His finger hooked my spaghetti strap as if by accident, letting it fall and exposing the top half of my breast.

“Sorry.” His voice held no remorse.

I replaced my strap where it belonged and rose to follow him to the boathouse where he kept his precious fishing boat. “You could at least take a moment to appreciate the effort I went through to look nice." You know, before he stripped me and smeared my makeup. I trailed a hot gaze over his hard form. When women looked at Rurik only one thing came to mind.


Some men were born to be lusted after. Rurik considered it a curse. He’d been enslaved for his good looks at a young age. This was the first time in centuries he had the freedom to pick and I was honored to be chosen.

Strong hands circled my waist before trailing over my generous ass. Pregnancy had left its mark in that department. “I appreciate it.” Tane let his hands rove slowly up and down my back as we made our way down the gentle slope, leaving my skin tingling and dying for more.

Rurik had already unlocked the door and had entered the building. Someone was in a hurry.

I giggled and leaned against Tane. “This is nice. Just the three of us like this again.”

He kissed the top of my head, his hand tracing a path along my bare thigh and under the hem of my dress. “I always visit your dreams.” Yes, he did. He had the power to enter our minds from across the ocean. Day sleep for him and night sleep for us. The brush of his lips over my earlobes as he spoke had me clutching the lapels of his jacket.

“Nothing compares to flesh and blood.” I pushed his hand from under my dress. The heat of a blush scorched my cheeks and I fought off the urge to fan myself. The ocean breeze should cool me off once we left the boat house. We all needed to cool off so we could reach the yacht and have a nice family dinner like normal people.

“Bashful?” He blinked. “I haven’t met this side of you before.” He stared after me as I pushed past him. He stalked after me with a puzzled look.

“It’s new.” Rurik straddled the boat’s side and offered his hand so I could climb aboard. Not an easy feat on heels. “She thinks a mother shouldn’t be so—” He gripped my other hand and trapped them to his lap, forcing me to bend in half over the low side of the boat. “—Naughty.”

I tried to jerk my hands free. Not going to happen. “That’s not what I meant. I just think that I should have more discretion…”

Tane braced my hips from behind and my jaw clicked shut. He made a surprised noise as he raised my dress and traced what Rurik termed my granny panties. They weren’t that bad. I’d chosen a matching set made of black satin with lace trim. There had been a time when I hadn’t bothered with underwear. My men preferred quick access and I tired of ripped lingerie. This was when quick and easy existed in our relationship.

The vampire gripped the thin material and tore them as if they were made of paper.

I gasped at the sudden exposure, bent over and vulnerable. Trust was a foundation we had developed over the years. Otherwise I’d have been kicking and screaming at being restrained. I’d had bad experience with vampires and manacles. I took a deep slow breath. If I asked them to let me go they would, but did I really want a tame night? They were both offering my heart’s desire.

He caressed my flesh. “Better.” I heard the rustle of material then watched Tane’s jacket and shirt land in the boat.

I tossed him a look over my shoulder. “Here?” The night deepened the cut of his muscled shoulders and chest. I’d never wanted him more. With his strong hands, he spread my legs wider then knelt.

Rurik turned my face so our gazes locked. “That’s a yes.” He teased my mouth with sharp nips. Rurik liked biting as both giver and recipient. Control was his turn on. After decades of abuse, how could I blame him?

Liquid pooled between my legs. I wanted us together like we used to be. There’d been a time the three of us had traveled the world inseparable. The last ten years had changed our relationship and we had to find our way back.

Tane’s tongue slid between my folds and he licked me. Long, slow, delicate licks as if he planned to eat me all night.

Rurik’s kiss grew more demanding, claiming my mouth, delving his tongue deeper. He clasped me against his chest as the boat rocked under our weight. Thank God for mooring or we’d all have fallen into the sea.

I couldn’t move. Hell, I couldn’t breathe.

One big hand pushed my leg, encouraging me to open even wider.

I did. All my protests forgotten.

Tane licked me again, his tongue grazing my clit. An undignified cry erupted from me at the intense zing that curled my toes. They wanted this to happen here and now? Then I was down with it. I clawed at the fasteners of Rurik’s pants.

He broke our kiss and stood, removing his clothes with sharp desperate jerks. One button pinged off the edge of the boat and into the water. His hard cock pressed against his six pack abs as he leaned back and watched Tane’s skills between my legs. Rurik stroked his cock slowly, his heated gazed traveled back to mine, making my heart pump even faster. He knew how much I always wanted him, with all his lean muscles kept taut from long swims in the ocean and days working the vineyards. “You’re overdressed, Rabbit.” He still used my pet name after all these years even though I couldn’t out run a ten-year-old let alone a vampire. Caressing my bare ass with his calloused hands, he snagged the edge of my dress and pulled it over my head.

He made a possessive noise deep in his throat.

Something vulnerable unknotted in my chest. To know he still found me desirable and beautiful after all these years.

Sharp fangs scraped over the tender skin of my inner thigh and I startled. It had been a long time since I’d been fed upon. What once had been a daily thing had become a rare occurrence, a coveted encounter. Tane withdrew his teeth—what a tease—and rubbed his thumb over the hood of my clit.

I remained perfectly still.

He muttered something under his breath and then flipped me around with his supernatural strength.

Rurik cradled me in his arms. “Let’s take this aboard.” He set me on his lap, my back pressed to his chest, his cock trapped between our bodies.

Tane climbed onto the boat, a storm of yearning on his face. He unzipped his pants, releasing his thick cock. He was built more muscular than Rurik. A force of vampire strength and grace.

I ran my palm over his hard shaft and he shivered. All that power, and access to anyone he wanted, yet he responded to my touch with such potency. This wasn’t a vampire glutted on casual sex and blood. This was my husband who missed me. Missed us.

“Take him in your mouth,” Rurik urged, his voice coarse.

I leaned forward, kissing the tip of Tane’s cock. A bead of pre-cum formed and I licked it clean.

Tane inched closer. He ran his thumb over my bottom lip, dragging it open so he could glide inside. He held my gaze as he slid back and forth tenderly, going deeper each time. His mouth parted and his chest heaved with a shaky breath. He tangled his fingers in my hair. “More.” He ground out the word as if struggling with language.

I tilted my head so he could go even further. He was still mine. I could sense his desperation, his loneliness, from our shared bond. He tried so hard to shield me, to make himself seem indestructible, but his longing for us was so strong it bled between the fine cracks of his power.

Rurik lifted my hips, guiding them until his cock pressed at the entrance of my pussy. He thrust from below, moving my body with his hands in time his until the three of us found a familiar rhythm. I guess sex really was like riding a bicycle.

The only sounds in the silent boat house was our heavy breathing and occasional grunt.

Rurik tore at the clasps of my bra, setting the girls free at last. He cupped them, letting my hard nipples slide over the rough surface of his palms as I rocked back and forth. “Oh fuck.” He shifted his position, resting his knees on the seat, gripping my hips, he shoved deeper inside of me. “I’m close.” His movements grew more erratic.

I released my hold on Tane and bucked against Rurik, his cock filling me. So hard and forceful. He was my safe place. Always there, always understanding, always loving my crazy. “Yes!” I cried out. I loved how he took me with the confidence of a man who knew his way around a bed. Or in our case, the bottom of a fishing boat. My pussy clenched around him as an orgasm crashed over me, locking my body as I shouted a silent scream.

Rurik climaxed, his head thrown back as he cried out my name. He sagged and slid to the floor, dragging me on top of his chest.

Tane crawled between my legs like a panther, his pants off, and claimed a kiss. Demanding and passionate, his lips explored mine. Rurik’s arms surrounded us, stroking our bodies. “Fuck her,” he ordered Tane. “Make her scream.”

The vampire king, the person who commanded thousands, always listened to Rurik for some reason. He bent my knees, exposing my pussy as he pushed his cock into my entrance with one firm stroke.

Breathless, I dug my nails in his back, feeling his muscles clench and release. I’d been worried that we’d grown too distant. What a fool I’d been.

He moved over me, his whole body involved in fucking, pushing me into Rurik.

My human husband kneaded my breasts and whispered naughty suggestions for later this evening. Tane slowed his pace as if listening, but Rurik slapped his ass.

The vampire bared his teeth and snapped at him.

“There he is.” I could feel Rurik’s grin against my head.

Tane gripped me by hair and sank his fangs into my neck. The pain sharp and devastating. He thrust harder and moaned as he drank my blood.

I clawed his back and creamed my pleasure as he stroked inside me over and over. Rurik clutched Tane’s ass as if helping him to fuck me. “Come,” he commanded.

I came apart. Trapped between my lovers, I shouted and cried. Boneless and weak, I still came. My legs quivered and yet he still thrust into me wild and untamed.

Tane released his bite and reared back, blooded fangs exposed as an orgasm gripped him by the spine. I could feel him pulse inside of me as he spilled his seed. His growl of pleasure rolled in his chest as his fingers dug into my hips. Harder faster, he kept moving until he wrung another orgasm out of me. He collapsed on top of us, like a big muscled blanket.

We laid in the boat, unmoving. The waves licked the dock and rocked us into a lull. I caught my breath and my brain rebooted. Good thing because that last orgasm was stroke-worthy. I sighed and sank deeper between my husbands. “Date night was a good idea.”