Paranormal Romance Author

Annie Nicholas

Writing Romance with Bite

One Night Stand

I checked my teeth in the mirror to make sure a piece of dinner wasn’t lodged between them. Butterflies played havoc on my stomach that had nothing to do with what I’d eaten. The cause of my indigestion sat in my living room.

Tall, dark, and European—Jacques was out of league handsome.

I grabbed the mouthwash, the cap fumbled from my trembling fingers and clattered into the sink.

“All is well, ma cher?” The sound of his sultry, accented voice through the closed bathroom door sent my heart into a fit of flutters.

“Y—yes” I answered around a mouthful. God, could sound less eloquent? I swished and spat then did a quick breath check. “I’ll be right out.” Garlic bread with my meal? What a stupid choice. Taking a deep breath, I stared into my own reflected gaze. You can do this. A lot of women ask a guy over on the first date. I swallowed hard. You can do this?

Straightening my spine, I gave my double Ds a little lift. Of course I could. I smoothed my skirt over my rounded hips.

In the next room sat the sexiest man who’d ever crossed my path and he had asked me out, not the other way around. When he returned to Paris tomorrow, I didn’t want any regrets. I had only one life to live and this date was going to be my crowning jewel up to date. Before I lost my courage, I opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the living room.

“Here I am.” Now what? We’d met at the convention center where I worked as an organizer and he was attending the Global Energy conference.

Jacque stood next to a side table examining some of the framed pictures I kept. He set the one in his hand back on the wooden surface. Heat blazed his dark gaze as he trailed it along my body and back up again. His thin, black tie hung loose and he still wore the matching suit. “There you are,” he all but purred.

My breath caught. Just the sound of his voice dampened my panties. A bottle of dark brown liquor sat on a bar next to me, I couldn’t even recall what it was. I grabbed the two closest glasses. “Drink?” The question came out too loud. I wanted to shove the bottle in my mouth so I’d shut up.

He loosened my grip around the neck of the bottle, his fingertips blazing a trail of sensation over mine, and gave me an amused grin. “Let me pour.” He set about making the drinks while caught my breath. Handing me a glass, he watched as I took a sip.

Liquid fire heated my throat and chest. It loosened the tight muscles of my shoulders and eased a little of my anxiety. “I’m glad you asked me out.”

He sipped his drink and sat on my love seat, resting his ankle on his knee. “I’m glad you asked here.” He raised his glass to his lip and sipped, but his gaze drank me in gulps. “Will you undress for me?”

My heart skipped a beat. So much for small talk. Heat scorched over my cheeks, right to the tips of my ears. “Okay.” My voice sounded distant even to my own ears. I tossed back the rest of my drink and let the liquid lava give me courage. “Maybe we should dim the lights.”

“How would I watch?” He raised an eyebrow. “Are you shy?”

I laughed. “Absolutely.” I wasn’t ashamed of my body, but I’d never stripped in my living room for a stranger before. My pulse grew louder as I undid my top button of my blouse.

Jacques leaned back, resting his arms on the back of the loveseat like a lion watching his prey. His expression grew more studious as more buttons came undone and his drink remained forgotten in his hand.

I removed my blouse and started to fold it then stop to stare at the silky material in my hands. With a sigh, I crumpled and threw it onto the floor. My skirt followed.

Tracing the delicate white lace of my bra, I smiled a little at my reflection then pulled the pins out of my long black hair and let it flow over my shoulders.

He stalked across the room in long, slow strides and took the tumblers from my hands. “Non.” Placing them back on the bar, he turned his intense stare back to me.

I tried to remember how to breathe. “Music, I-I’ll turn on some music.”

He blocked my path. “Non.” Then he stepped closer until my back hit the walk. Leaning forward so his lips almost brushed mine, he waited.

“I can dim the lights.” My whispered words so soft I could barely hear them.


His warm breathe, as he spoke that word, sent a shiver along my arms as goose flesh pocked my skin. Pushing against the lacy bra, my nipples hardened but he still hadn’t closed the gap to kiss me.

Impatient for his touch, craving his hands on my flesh, and needing to taste him, I closed it for him. I pressed my lips to his and ran my fingers through his thick chestnut colored hair so I could pull him to me.

A ferial growl rumbled in his chest as his controlled exterior crumbled and the passionate man inside emerged. He pressed me to wall with his firm body as his hands slid over my sensitized skin.

I needed to come up for air but he wouldn’t let me. His mouth consumed mine and my breaths came in gasps. With sure, confident strokes he explored my mouth and encouraged me with softly spoken words.

“Oui, ma cher,” being the first murmur as I yanked his shirt from his waistband and ran my hands over the muscles of his board back. He wrestled his jacket off and over his head then let it fly.

With over anxious fingers, I fumble at his pants.

“Oh oui! Ma puce.” Being the second.

The buckle may as well have been a chastity belt, I was ready to use my teeth. “Did you glue this on?”

Chuckling, he slid his fingers on top of mine and popped a clasp to release it. Together we unzipped his pants but then he guided my hand into them. “Please, oui?” Being the last encouragement I needed.

This man wasn’t walking out my apartment until I was good and full filled. I stroked the hard length of his cock and watched his eyes flutter. The soft skin reminded me of velvet.

Lips parted slightly, he thrust his hips in time to my caress. His gaze captured mine as he stepped forward to unclasp my bra. “You are too dressed.”

It slipped from my shoulders and I needed to release him to let it fall.

In fury of cotton, buttons, and silk Jacque undressed. My imagination didn’t do him justice. Lean, firm muscles defined his chest and abs. His long fingers grasped the front of my panties so he could peak inside.

This small action turned me on more than anything he’d done so far. Wetness developed between my legs. I needed to feel that full, hard cock pound inside of me.

He slid his fingers between my folds and rubbed against my clit. “You are ready for me.”

I inched my panties down my thighs as he watched and rubbed. A little moan escaped my lips as he pressed harder. Stepping out of them, I spread my thighs.

With his strong hands he cupped my ass and lifted me to his hips.

The unexpected ride gave me a start. “The bedroom is right there.” I pointed to a closed door.

“We’ll end up there…eventually…but we start here.”

A squad of cheerleaders sounded off in my head. Oh, I was so not going to regret tonight.

He thrust his cock into my moist pussy with a slow, easy rhythm until I took all of him. I’d never been fucked against a wall before and the angle made everything feel all right.

The pace quickened. Each beat ran along my clit and left me panting for more. My cries filled the apartment. He pushed in, and in, and in. Faster, harder he demanded more and more of me.

Sweat trickled down his back and made it slick to the touch. I held on with ankles crossed and rode my wild grunting beast until lights exploded in my head. Screaming and praying, I would have pinned him to wall if I’d had the strength, as I reached my climax.

My eloquent Frenchmen lost the power to speak as he cried out, spilling his seed into me.

His knees gave out and I landed in his lap. He brushed the hair from my face. “I think.” He tried to catch his breath. “I think I will miss my flight tomorrow.”