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I grew up in space.
Never been on a planet, let alone an alien one.
We crashed—I crashed—our ship on a huge green world.
Communications were down, the ship was broken in two, the crew mostly injured, and there were things out there. Animals with razor sharp teeth.
The emergency beacon lay on the other side of the jungle, our only way to call home, and I drew the short straw.
I was doomed before I ever stepped out of the airlock.

But on my journey, I discovered I wasn’t alone…
The native was big, midnight black, and fierce. For some reason, he was determined to keep me alive, safe, and entirely his.


Coming Releases!

Pansies of the Paranormal

Vanguard Elite

Book Four

Jan. 30th  REAL SOON!

Three days to reach the summit and retrieve the flag.
Those who drop out go home.
The bootcamp’s alpha asks Alistair to protect their omega wolf, Penny.
All they have are the clothes on their back when the worst storm of the winter hits.
But it's got nothing on Penny.
No shifter has ever torn Alistair open or exposed him like her, all with the razor edge of her tongue.
Forget the blizzard, the real danger is the sharp curve of her smile and the lengths he'll go to get a taste.


Vanguard Elite

Book Five

Releasing April 17th

I came from the deadliest vampire clan that ever existed.

Spent centuries transforming wolf shifters into warriors.

People trembled at my name.

Now, I run a boot camp for misfit werewolves.

Everything is coming together. My life, the pack, our community.

Then they found a corpse on my land.

Drained of blood.

My only hope of proving my innocence is the sheriff.

The woman of my dreams with a warrior’s heart.

But she hates me. For now.